Know the Source
of Your Food

with Blockchain Trace

Looking for
Agri Supply-chain software?

Look no further! FARMatFORK is an end to end supply-chain suite required to track everything right from the farm to fork secured by blockchain for product source authenticity, Processing logs, perishability and more

AGRI supply chain management

It’s an interactive, collaborative environment where carriers and suppliers can use multiple tools to manage their supply chain infrastructure. FARMatFORK platform brings together all stakeholders in the agricultural supply chain, allowing them make better-informed decisions, eliminate unnecessary paperwork and dockets, reduce supply chain inefficiency and risk, open markets and increase their bottom line, all on one easy-to-use platform with secure trusted blockchain technology.

Blockchain and agriculture

We are working with a new kind of technology called ‘blockchain’ to enhance our end-to end supply chain software. This is a data system for securely storing information - inherently auditable, unchangeable and open.

Food Processing
& FMCG supply management

FARMatFORK supports traditional, well-established agricultural supply chains with a dynamic and seamless management software solution. Our product is a simple-to-use, secure, independent platform that connects and transfers information between supply chain participants.
To manage agricultural products as they move across the globe, businesses need a transparent, trustworthy platform to facilitate those transactions. AgriChain builds networks amongst key stakeholders and improves time to market, while reducing supply chain costs and inefficiencies.

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